Let Us Be Christlike


Jesus Christ with children

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This morning I was online re-reading past editions of my favorite magazine, The Ensign, when I came across Elder Ballard’s counsel to “start a blog in minutes and begin sharing what you know to be true” (see https://www.lds.org/ensign/2008/07/sharing-the-gospel-using-the-internet). I immediately felt sharp pangs of guilt for not having done so in 2008 when he gave this inspired counsel, and so I decided straightaway to follow our beloved and righteous leader, Elder Ballard, by starting this “blog.” While I cannot promise I will have much time to write here frequently, I will use this “blog” for the purpose of sharing some of my uplifting and important experiences.

How grateful I am for the trust that the Lord our God placed in me as one of His chosen witnesses and leaders here upon the earth. I feel so humble, modest, and meek to know that I was called to this high and holy office by God, leading His people upon the entire face of the earth, and speaking for God in matters pertaining to righteousness.

May I share with you just one recent experience?

I have always counseled our members regarding the importance of showing a Christlike example so that others will know of our Christlike nature as Latter-day Saints. As I was recently thinking of ways to do so, there came into my mind the image of Jesus surrounded by children (I will insert one such image into this “blog” for you to see). I thought of how my busy church assignments keep me from seeing my grandchildren and family, and I realized that there would be no better way for them to know how much I am following the Savior than for them to see a picture of all the young children surrounding me—just as the Savior exemplified!

I had a rare 1-hour opening in my hectic schedule that month, so I emailed my family and arranged to have all the grandchildren at the photo studio to have their picture taken with me. Upon my request, the photo shoot featured the following scene: I sat on a chair in the middle and the children sat around me as I looked around the room and smiled lovingly at them whilst they all sang in unison “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus.” I then had the photos of this inspiring scene printed and displayed in a double-matted frame so that the picture of me surrounded by my precious grandchildren would be displayed in the upper half and the picture of Jesus surrounded by children would be displayed in the lower half. In this way, it is impossible to look at the top picture of me and my grandchildren without thinking of how Christlike and inspiring this situation is for all who behold its Christlike message of love. Although my schedule was too busy for me to deliver the pictures myself, how great was my joy when my secretary informed me that all the pictures had been delivered to my dear grandchildren.

For those of you who are our neighbours and nearby friends, you are more than welcome to come by our home and see this photo featured in our front entry as a reminder to all of the importance of being Christlike. Although my sacred church duties and nearly constant meetings keep me from seeing my grandchildren very often in person, they will always know how much their grandfather is following the Savior as they frequently glance at these beloved pictures on their walls.

With loving regards,

Elder Delaney

Elder Delaney Grandchildren


5 thoughts on “Let Us Be Christlike

  1. President Kamden

    Dearest Elder Delaney, the pictures you had taken remind me of Elder Nelson’s Christmas Devotional talk, where he did the same thing with his grandchildren and then immediately afterward showed a picture of the Savior surrounded by children, so that others could see how Christlike he was being by his example. What an inspiring idea! I think I will do the same thing. I never dedicate any quality time to my extended family members because of my high calling as a Stake President, but I’m sure I can make some time to have a few pictures taken with them.

    • Dearest President Kamden,

      How great shall be your joy when you behold these Christlike images of love in your home! And how glad I am that you inquired regarding Elder Russell M. Nelson. Elder Nelson actually received his Christmas devotional idea from me. Shortly after we displayed these inspiring and Christlike images in our home, we received a visit from Elder Nelson and his sweet second wife, Wendy. (Not to be confused with his daughter, Wendy, as they look very much alike and share the same name and approximate age.) When Elder Nelson entered the foyer of our home and beheld these uplifting and Christlike pictures on our wall, he was moved to tears. He asked if he might emulate this same Christlike message in his upcoming Christmas Devotional address. Of course, we graciously agreed to allow him to do so. When Sister Delaney and I later watched his devotional address, tears streamed down our faces when we realized how much he was following the Savior as we saw the images of him surrounded by his grandchildren, immediately followed by the images of the Savior surrounded by the children. How blessed we are, brothers and sisters, to be guided by inspired and Christlike prophets, seers, and revelators in these latter days!

      Elder Delaney

    • Dearest reader,

      Often the great righteousness and Christlike attitudes of the Latter-day Saints appear to be almost inconceivable to those of the world who are not familiar with the Lord’s true Church. Yet this Christlike righteousness is very real. Will you send me your home address in a private message? It will be a great privilege and honour for me to send our faithful young missionaries to your doorstep to bring the further light and knowledge of the Restored Gospel to you and your precious family members.


      Elder Delaney

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