A Message to the World: We Have Nothing to Hide

British Magistrates Court

British Magistrates Court

My dearest brothers and sisters,

I am writing you today concerning a most urgent matter which has required my immediate attention. Last night my dear nephew, Hyrum, dropped by our home unexpectedly with a pressing matter that he wished to discuss. He stated that he had just learned that our beloved prophet, even President Thomas S. Monson, had been summoned to a British court on allegations of fraud by former Stake President Tom Phillips, and that yesterday the Prophet had boldly and fearlessly sent a team of lawyers to respond to the summons in his behalf.

I was completely shocked by this news—not the news of the summons, for all the authorities of the Church are well aware of this issue—rather, I was shocked that my nephew had actually heard of this incident. The Church has worked very carefully, my brothers and sisters, to minimize this negative publicity in order to continue furthering the Lord’s work. Therefore, when I discovered that this news had reached my precious nephew, I was utterly astonished. I had been under the impression that our full-time Public Relations experts had successfully contained this negative news in several ways: first, by “starving” the issue and only releasing two short statements regarding the case when it became absolutely necessary; second, by making it known to the public that these allegations are nothing but “bizarre mischief” and should thus be completely ignored; and third, by making certain that our Church-owned news outlets (Deseret News and KSL) keep their news reports correct and accurate by only emphasizing the Church’s official position on these critical matters. I assured my dear nephew Hyrum that the Church was diligently working to ensure that the actual 7 fraud allegations would not be noticed, and that faithful readers across the globe will instead focus upon the senselessness of criticizing the Lord’s true Church.

Unfortunately, my nephew informed me that “everyone has heard about the summons” and that it has been receiving considerable attention in the “social media.” I was greatly disheartened by this tragic news. Dearest brothers and sisters, I have decided to write this “blog” post for the benefit of those who have already heard of the court summons. For you, I perceive it is already too late and I feel you must hear a faithful explanation regarding the fraud allegations, much like my beloved nephew.

NOTE: If any reader has not heard of the fraud allegations prior to reading this “blog” post, I ask that you promptly discontinue reading at this point, as this entirely outlandish incident is of absolutely no importance and should be completely ignored.


Now, for you remaining members, before we begin I wish to make an important request: If any person inquires of you regarding these issues, please be certain to refer them only to our official Church-owned news reports, such as Deseret News, KSL, and LDS Newsroom. Also, do not forget to state that the case is completely frivolous and will go nowhere, and strongly discourage the person from misusing their valuable time by looking into any of the actual 7 fraud allegations being made. And you certainly should not, under any conditions, make any reference to the news outlets that I will list below, as they are not sanctioned by the Church and thus present views which are completely irrelevant to our eternal salvation:

The first fact I must explain, dearest members, is that Tom Phillips (the man issuing the charges) was indeed a Stake President in England, as well as the Church’s Area Controller for the British Isles and Africa and Financial Director for the Church’s U.K. corporate entities. My nephew stated that he had heard that Brother Phillips had his “calling and election made sure” through the sacred temple ordinance of the Second Anointing, which means that his exaltation has been “made sure” by an “unconditional guarantee” of the Lord. (see https://www.lds.org/ensign/1976/07/accepted-of-the-lord-the-doctrine-of-making-your-calling-and-election-sure) I explained to Hyrum that this fact clearly proves that we are living in the latter days, when “even the very elect shall be deceived.” Knowing of my vast knowledge of holy scripture, Hyrum asked me where this verse came from, so that he might read it in context. I quickly searched for the verse using the Topical Guide and then responded without hesitation that this scripture is located in the 24th chapter of Matthew. Together, we read these verses: “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. … For there shall arise … false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matthew 24:11,24) Brothers and sisters, let us not be deceived by false prophets! This scripture, of course, is referring to all prophets upon the earth except those found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is for this very reason we must ever be obedient and compliant to our beloved prophets, seers, and revelators, that we may not be deceived.

Now, the court summons includes 7 fraud allegations which Brother Phillips claims (wrongfully, I might add) can be conclusively proven as fraudulent in a court of law. While I cannot go into much detail presently, I will give a short explanation followed by a powerful testimony bourne of the Spirit which I shared with my beloved nephew.

  1. The Book of Abraham is a literal translation of Egyptian papyri by Joseph Smith.
  2. The Book of Mormon was translated from ancient gold plates by Joseph Smith, is the most correct book on earth, and is an ancient historical record.
  3. Native Americans are descended from an Israelite family which left Jerusalem in 600 B.C.
  4. Joseph and Hyrum Smith were killed as martyrs in 1844 because they would not deny their testimony of the Book of Mormon.
  5. The Illinois newspaper called the Nauvoo Expositor had to be destroyed because it printed lies about Joseph Smith.
  6. There was no death on this planet prior to 6,000 years ago.
  7. All humans alive today are descended from just two people who lived approximately 6,000 years ago.

First, my nephew did some searching online and came across an article which purports to summarize each of these 7 allegations. (Dearest member, this article greatly troubled my dear nephew. I provide it here as irrefutable proof against the error of man’s philosophies.) Hyrum was concerned that these 7 allegations might have some sort of substance, and he was “clicking” the links provided in order to learn more. He was even beginning to think that this “new” information was relevant, which of course greatly alarmed me. Dearest member, do not “click” links such as these, or any other links provided therein!

After reviewing this information with my nephew, I explained that the great problem with these links is that they attempt to use logic and reason in order to understand these allegations, rather than the wisdom of God as taught through His authorized prophets upon the earth. Thus, when issues such as these arise, I frequently reiterate the inspired counsel of my beloved associate, Elder Charles Didier: “Do not look at reason, logic, or the philosophies of men and theories of the world.” (https://www.lds.org/ensign/1991/11/testimony) I asked: Do these links you are reading contain logic and reason? If so, do not look at them. I then testified to my nephew that one of the fastest ways to lose a testimony is to succumb to the ever-present and immoral temptation to look at logic and reason, which inevitably leads one down the slippery slopes of sin and toward eternal destruction and misery. Let us avoid the heartache caused by this sinister enticement and instead remain safely within the confines of the Church’s official teachings!

After I explained this to my nephew, I shared with him my unshakeable and powerful testimony of the Restored Gospel. Rather than turning to the logic and reason of the world, I faithfully turned to the sacred scriptures, leaving us with no room for doubt. I shared with Hyrum one of my favorite verses of holy writ, even the 12th verse of the 5th chapter of Alma in the Book of Mormon:

“Behold I say unto you that this is all true.” (Alma 5:12)

As we read these divinely-inspired words, our hearts began throbbing within us, tender tears welled up in our eyes, and our souls were filled with the Spirit of the Lord. We knew at that moment without a shadow of a doubt that the Church is true. From this singular verse of sacred scripture, we read the profound and faithful words written thousands of years ago by an inspired ancient prophet of the Lord, valiantly testifying that this is all true. I see no need to look any further for authoritative reassurance than this, my brothers and sisters. I encourage all members to regularly and frequently turn to this inspired verse in times of doubt, and to ponder its profound meaning rather than looking at logic, reason, or philosophies of the world. I also counsel all members everywhere to avoid any information that does not come from Church-owned news sources, magazines, or scriptures, that we may ever be safe from the great evil and destruction that await those who make the tragic mistake of questioning or scrutinizing the Church’s inspired teachings.

Dearest brothers and sisters, the Lord Jesus Christ would never establish a church that has anything to hide. Only error fears investigation. This is why I encourage all members to diligently read solely those publications which are sanctioned by the Church—that you may be free to learn the truths of the Restored Gospel whilst being protected from the misguided philosophies of the world. For the comfort of all, I solemnly declare that the truth regarding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear! Of this I humbly testify.

Faithfully yours,

Elder Delaney


14 thoughts on “A Message to the World: We Have Nothing to Hide

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Elder Delaney,
    I come to you to confide a problem which I hope you can help solve. I read with a warm heart that we must never use logic and reason. Truly the holy spirit testified this truth to me. However, my university education was in science (physics) and I currently work as a software engineer. You may not be knowledgeable of these disciplines, as they have little to do with hastening the work of the Lord, but they require the utmost rigor in knowledge of and application of both logic and reason.

    And so that is my problem. I must use logic and reason every workday and then try to switch it off at all other times. I painfully admit this is difficult to do sometimes. I tried singing hymns for a while, but discovered I was applying knowledge of musicology to them and they were mostly found to be quite amateurish. Please give me guidance to help me overcome this problem, Elder Delaney. I remain firm in the belief that your elevated priesthood calling can shed light upon my quandary.

    In faith,
    Brother K

    • Dearest brother,

      Thank you for your righteous desires to avoid the evils of the world and thus live after the manner of happiness as prescribed by the Lord’s true prophets. The problem of avoiding logic and reason is one that all General Authorities must deal with. However, your chosen career path makes this situation even more difficult, especially considering your educational background, which you probably innocently chose at a time during the levity of youth without realizing the dangerous potential consequences that could result in engaging in this so-called “intellectual” field of work. Notwithstanding your background, I perceive that you are a particularly valiant Latter-day Saint. I remind you that in these latter-days even the very elect can be deceived, and this is typically through the terrible vice of logic and reason.

      I would therefore suggest that you seriously consider your future occupation in light of your eternal salvation, and thus recommend the following options:

      1. You may wish to select another profession which doesn’t require such rigorous application of logic and reason, dearest brother. Remember that nothing could be more important than your own salvation and the salvation of your precious family members. As you know, the primary purpose of your worldly occupation is to provide for your family and to consecrate all you now earn and all that you will ever earn to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you are tempted to disbelieve the truth because of the reasonings of men, then you will ultimately not be providing for these most noble causes. It would be better for one man to change his occupation than an entire family dwindle in disbelief.

      2. The only other option of which I can conceive is that you could work for the Church. The Church is always in need of good “software” engineers to create “web sites” that further the work of the Lord and thus spread the truths of the Restored Gospel, and to perform what is called “search engine optimization” in order to direct any doubting persons away from the philosophies of men and toward to our faithful “web sites.” By devoting your efforts to expanding the Church’s influence, you will be using your intellectual faculties for the building up of the kingdom of God on the earth, and for the establishment of Zion. And as you will be completely surrounded by other faithful engineers, your faith will be promoted in spite of your field of work. You will also have the reassuring comfort and blessing of knowing that although your salary is paid by the tithes of the Church, you will be able to return a tenth of your gross income to that very source. Finally, the main reason I often encourage members to work for the Church is that your livelihood will then become dependent on your Church devotion, which will greatly help you to resist temptation and remain ever faithful!

      I solemnly testify that you will be blessed in abundance as you sacrifice your logical education in order to preserve your faith. May the Lord ever watch over you as you work through this wearisome challenge.


      Elder Delaney

  2. Ladell

    Elder Delaney, I look forward to the day when President Monson will testify before those magistrates much like the prophet Abinadi did at the court of king Noah (right before he was burned at the stake). I also hope the lord smites the brits with dark skin just like he did to the lamanites for their wickedness.

  3. A true Believer

    Dear Brother K. The Lord our God, in his infinite wisdom, has included as one of his tender mercies, for all mortals to be able to shut down certain parts of our intellect. This ability to “Doubt your Doubts” brings blessings to the faithful so that logic, reason, science and other so-called truths can be suspended when it comes to the true doctrines of God. I bear humble testimony that if you go to your knees in prayer when confronted by this so-called human logic, that the Spirit of God will aid you in suspending those portions of your intellect, so that you will not be confounded or led astray by the subtle temptations of the evil one. Using this inspired technique will help you preserve your soul unto exaltation in this life and throughout all eternity.

  4. Karen M.

    Elder Delaney, I am grateful that we do not follow the false prophets that Jesus said would deceive the very elect in the last days, but that we follow true and living prophets who are always right on every issue. I promise I will never think logically about any of their teachings, so that I may avoid the deception that comes from the false prophets spoken of in these latter-days.

  5. My Feelings Teach Me The Truth

    Thank you for sharing Alma 5:12, Elder Delaney. This is now my favorite scripture, thanks to you! After reading your experience, I know that the way to know truth is not through logic and reason, but through my internal guide of feelings and emotions—the only thing I can really trust because all these feelings come straight from God. I have a Baptist friend who claims to know that his church is the one true church because he has “felt it” and “knows it with all his heart” with total confidence. Do you think he is being sincere? I think he must be lying in order to deceive me.

    • Dear sister,

      To understand whether your Baptist friend is being sincere, you must ask yourself, “Would the Spirit ever testify the truthfulness of the Baptist church to my friend?” Since we know of a surety that the Spirit cannot testify of a church other than the Lord’s restored Church, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we can know that the feelings your friend is having do not come from the Spirit and therefore must be coming from some other source. The Lord has clearly said: “He that is not with me is against me” (Matthew 12:30). Thus your Baptist “friend” is unfortunately being deceived by the adversary.

      You also must remember that your “friend” has not received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost as you have. Since you have been blessed with that exclusive gift, you can rest assured that you are entitled to the constant companionship of the Spirit and can trust that any good feelings you experience have come directly from God. Your Baptist “friend” does not have this privileged gift, and while he may still feel the influence of the Spirit, he can easily be deceived by the evil one who causes your “friend” to feel that his church is true in order to keep him from the fullness of the Restored Gospel.

      Furthermore, by saying he has “felt by the Spirit” that his church is true, your “friend” is likely imitating what is said by members of our faith, hoping that this familiarity and his “friendship” with you will convert you to his false religion! O beware of those who “befriend” the innocent only for the ulterior motive of converting them to the false religions and cults of the world!

      May you always trust the true feelings of your heart, even the Spirit of truth which testifies only of the Lord’s true Church upon the earth, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


      Elder Delaney

  6. Brother of Brother of Jared

    Wow, I had such a stupor of thought when I heard that Pres. Monson was being taken to court! But thankfully he sent his lawyers to argue that what the “Church of the Jesus of Latter-Day Saints” teaches is belief, not fact! I am so thankful for prophets and revelators to give us beliefs, not facts. Facts are only accessory to life and only bring us concern and worry. I immediately felt the warm feeling of the Spirit rush back over me like a baby blanket.

    P.S. One of the lawyers called the church a “corporation sole” and a “company.” What does this mean?

    • Dearest brother,

      Thank you for your inquiries regarding these important matters of righteousness. You see, part of the prosecution’s case behind the fraud suit was to portray the Church as a corporation, as religions cannot be accused of fraud but corporations can. The Church’s defense attorney was using a common argument many lawyers use called reductio ad absurdum (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reductio_ad_absurdum). By referring to the Church as a corporation themselves, the Church’s lawyers showed how absurd it is to treat the Church like a corporation just because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is actually only a registered trademark of The Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While it is true that the Church is actually registered as a corporation rather than a charity, we know of a surety that the Lord’s corporation exists solely for furthering His work upon the earth!

      Elder Delaney

  7. Paul grey

    Dear elder Delaney,
    Whilst reading your post I unwittingly clicked on the articles that you linked to. I fear I am now dwindling in unbelief due to the information you provided. My mind is ablaze with the battle of logic and faith, this is a wrestle that I am struggling to win, one that I can not turn off, much like a lightbulb without a switch. I’m feeling certain feelings that just don’t seem right… I’m sure I just need to man up, yes man up, but how do I do that? You’re obviously a man of great spiritual intellect, how do I overcome the weakness’s of men, the natural man’s logic says that if our beloved church has nothing to hide then why are we hushing up this summons? Why are our devout noble general authorities and prophet not storming the court and smiting these blasphemous lies, replacing them with truth and light? I fear that if Tom can fall then then so can we all.

  8. Who is more intelligent than God? None! The glory of God is intelligence, therefore lean not unto thine own understandings, but trust in Him with all of thine heart. CoGod bless you Elder Delaney.

  9. Sister Melva Young

    you are definitely a true and living GA. We truely are an open book, nothing could shock the average follower of Christ’s living church.


  10. Anonymous

    NOTE: If any reader has not heard of the fraud allegations prior to reading this “blog” post, I ask that you promptly discontinue reading at this point, as this entirely outlandish incident is of absolutely no importance and should be completely ignored.
    The Salt Lake Tribune
    Official Court Summons Reports
    Details from the Prosecution (Please be certain not to “click” these links! They are only provided to ensure that you are aware of examples of the news outlets which you should not view.)

    I frequently reiterate the inspired counsel of my beloved associate, Elder Charles Didier: “Do not look at reason, logic,

    I asked: Do these links you are reading contain logic and reason? If so, do not look at them. I then testified to my nephew that one of the fastest ways to lose a testimony is to succumb to the ever-present and immoral temptation to look at logic and reason,

    Dearest brothers and sisters, the Lord Jesus Christ would never establish a church that has anything to hide. Only error fears investigation. This is why I encourage all members to diligently read solely those publications which are sanctioned by the Church—that you may be free to learn the truths of the Restored Gospel

    God sure screwed up when he gave me the power of Logic and Reason. Its always working overtime especially after reading your blog. I just cant seem to shut it off. I feel sooo immoral and evil.

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