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Elder D. Walter Delaney

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  1. blessed reader

    Dearest Elder Delaney, I hope you are well. You must be anxiously engaged in the Lord’s most holy work. I look forward to hearing about your recent experiences acting as a witness of our beloved Savior, even Jesus H. Christ.

    • Dearest member,

      Thank you for your kind inquiries. I have indeed been anxiously engaged in the work of the Lord, spreading the truth to every precious soul who earnestly seeks it, and these sacred endeavours have kept me so occupied that I have been unable to post on this “blog” as of late. However, I assure you that the work of truth goes forward unhindered and uninterrupted, and I shall provide further accounting herein as soon as I am able.

      May the blessings of heaven ever shower upon you for your faith and righteousness, even insomuch that there may not be room enough to receive them. I leave upon you my sacred blessing as a personal especial witness of the Lord, even His chosen and beloved representative upon the earth.


      Elder Delaney

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